I enjoyed meeting with Kevin Byrd recently.  Kevin is the president of The Fortis Project,a private investigation firm in Greer, SC.  His experience as an Anti-Terrorism Officer in the United States Air Force, police officer, and Department of Defense consultant give him a unique approach to his investigations as well as perspective on the need for Kids Protection Planning.

Kevin says “As a former Sheriff’s Deputy, I was excited when Cory told me about Kids Protection Planning.  I have personally been required to place children in temporary foster care when their parents were unavailable and the caretaker didn’t have any legal authority to keep them.  These situations resulted from a variety of  scenarios, including car collisions and the unfortunate arrest of a parent.  These situations are traumatic for children, but the officers have no choice.  This planning is essential for families to ensure that their children are never placed in the care of strangers.”

If you don’t have a plan in place authorizing short term guardians for emergencies, please contact me to discuss your options.

A former police officer discusses the importance of Kids Protection Planning

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